Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vintage Christmas Shopping!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We have enjoyed every minute of having our boys under the same roof!  We have played Canasta, watched movies, eaten way too much food, and reminisced of times gone by.  Since my focus has been on my family, my post for Saturday is short, but centers on what is on many of our minds...buying gifts.  Take a step back in time with me and enjoy these vintage ads.

What do you think about this gift? She looks happy! 
This reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street.  Only the original version for me!
I love this picture of the family.  Look at the way she is looking at her husband.  I think this is better than the Hoover!
Or what about this vintage ad from the 1930's?  This saying is true for all times.
A pair of stockings makes a merry gift! I wonder how hard it was to keep the seam straight in the back?

"Christmas lives forever in the hearts of children"
Another ad for a phonograph!
This ad was from the 1920's.  I found several ads for Kodak cameras from that era.
What a wonderful gift this would be...
West Bend was reminding everyone to shop early.  I wonder if the writer of this ad would ever have imagined camping out on Thanksgiving evening just to catch a few great deals?
Even today, you know it is Christmas when you hear the Norelco ads on the tv!
Little Jack Horner wants Rice Krispies in his stocking! What about you?
I like this one.  It has a whimsical quality about it.
I hope you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!  And for those of you getting out in the pre-Christmas frenzy, happy shopping!
Blessings from Still Woods

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving and into His courts with praise, 
be thankful unto Him and bless His holy name" Psalm 100:4

Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Our Mini Thanksgiving Vacation

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I spent the last four days in TN with my mom and dad, sister, and my niece.  I left Mr. Still Woods at home to take care of the family dogs, Lucky and Lucy, and to enjoy a few days of quiet before the family rolls in.  I arrived back home yesterday, just in time to greet my boys. One flew in from Virginia and the other drove down from Mississippi State.  It does this mom's heart good to have them back under the same roof!

I thought I would share a few pictures from my TN adventure.  If I could choose a place for a vacation home, TN would be high on the list.  As I shared with you before, we have spent two Thanksgivings in TN.  The men of the family like to stay home, but they did give in twice.  It was nice to spend some time with mom and dad.  They only had to separate my sister and me three times! 

We started our mini vacation with a trip to Dollywood. I didn't take this picture and it didn't snow while we were there, but isn't this chapel beautiful? It is located in the Craftsman's Valley at Dollywood.  My sister and I stopped by to hear Billy Hodges, formally of the Kingdom Heirs, sing for the crowd. 
Prior to heading to the chapel, we rode Dollywood's newest roller coaster, the Wild Eagle.  I must tell you that I prayed aloud as we started our 190 foot climb and according to my sister, screamed during the entire 2 minute and 22 second ride.  It was the right thing to do!  Why don't you come along for the ride?  I bet you will scream too!

Dollywood was decked out in her finest Christmas attire and the shows were fabulous. If you weren't in the Christmas spirit, you would be as soon as you entered the gates.   
We also stopped at the Apple Barn Cider Mill and General Store in Sevierville for lunch and on another day for one of their delicious apple turnovers and a cup of hot cider.  I took this picture before we headed into the Cider Bar for dessert.
My sister snapped this picture after we finished our Apple Barn treat.  This is my adorable niece with my mom and dad.  Isn't this a sweet picture?  
 No trip is complete without a trip to the Christmas Place.  It will make any Scrooge smile!
(Inside Pigeon Forge)

(Craze Shenanigans Blogspot)
On another day, we just meandered around the countryside.  We are a meandering type of family.  You never know what treasures you will find.  Here are just a few...
This is one of my favorite stops, but I am sad to say it is now for rent. It is called "Rebecca's Thymes" and Rebecca had an assortment of antiques, primitives, and Americana art.  I loved visiting with her whenever we stopped by.  She actually told me about me a few roads to travel that the locals use daily.  Handy in a busy town!
This is from the Old Mill area.  There are a few shops we like to visit and the view is fabulous.
We were getting a little hungry, so we stopped by the Old Mill Pottery House Cafe and Grille for lunch.  They have a saying on their menu, which I have to share with you:  

If you go somewhere else for lunch, ask them if they bake their own bread.
If they say yes, ask them if they grind their own grain.
If they say yes, ask them if they make their own plates.

All their plates, bowls, etc come from the pottery next door.  And talk about a great smelling place...the smell of fresh bread baking is everywhere. 
To end our mini vacation, my sister and I dropped the weary travelers off at the hotel and headed out to the outlet mall.  Woo hoo!  My sis says that I shop vicariously through her.  Vicarious shopping is a blast.  Try it! I must say our best purchase of the night was this...
(Salted Caramel Mocha and a Skinny Latte)
Today, I have on a favorite apron and am busy in the kitchen whipping up pumpkin pies, homemade triple layer carrot cake, fresh cranberry with orange and ginger, pans of dressing and and prepping a host of other sides.  Mr Turkey and I have a date for later tonight when I will give him a rub down of herb butter and get him ready for the oven.  I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse

Friday, November 9, 2012

Give Thanks

Giving thanks to the Lord for our many blessings should be a daily event, not just for the month we celebrate Thanksgiving. However, this month does offer daily reminders to dwell on thankfulness.  I thought I would share with you the views my daily drive to work affords me...definitely a blessing. 
When I began working at a district office of a large school district, I jokingly told my parents that my drive reminded me of the Christmas carol with the lyrics, "Over the river and through the woods".  On a side note, did you know that the words where penned by Lydia Maria Child in 1844 and is actually a Thanksgiving poem?  Me neither! Anyway...I travel back roads the entire trip.  Don't you love the term "back roads"?  What do you think of when you hear the phrase?  For me, it literally is "over the river and through the woods".  I love the 25 minute drive.  It gives me time to talk to God and dwell in His presence.  I must tell you that I have often finished my prayer time only to look down at the speedometer and say "oops"!  I have yet to be stopped for speeding, but I do wonder if the local sheriff's department would really believe that I was praying? Come along for a shortened version of my daily trip.

I cross several happy creeks, a couple of rivers, and meander down winding roads.
 At this time of year, I am thankful for the few trees that do change colors!  They say,  Happy Fall Y'all!
This is one of my very favorite views.  I just love the reflective quality of water. The trees seem to sprout from the bed of water.   Isn't God's handiwork amazing?
I see lots of animals on my daily trip.  As soon as I leave our property, I pass a corral of  horses.  They are gorgeous to watch while the early morning mist flits around their legs.  They were not in the mood for photography today, so we will have to skip them.  I also pass by grazing cows, herds of goats, and have had a few deer gallivant across my daily path.  But I must tell you that I have to smile every time I pass my Longhorn friends! An unusual site for Mississippi.  They were more hospitable and didn't mind me taking their picture.  The Longhorns are a reminder of my many family members who call Texas home!  They make me want to head out to the Hill Country of Texas to visit my sweet relatives. Hi Aunt Rainey, Aunt Joanie, Uncle Emil and all my cousins!
I am not sure what type of tree this is, but I love the bronze color it displays at this time of year.
These are just a few of my "Over the River and Through the Woods" photos.  I urge you to think about your daily travels and offer thanks to God. 1st Thessalonians 5:18 tells us, "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you".  Be mindful of this verse as you make your daily traverse to work, running errands, or school.  Just make sure to watch the speedometer!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Traveling Turkey Dishes

I adore china!  Many years ago Tuesday Morning advertised a set of Johnson Brothers "His Majesty" china.  Our family has enjoyed setting our table with Nikko Christmastime every December since the boys were small.  I naturally  thought it would be a great idea to have a special set of china  for Thanksgiving.  I wasn't going all out for an entire service for eight, just four dinner plates.  My husband promptly voiced his mild objection stating that I already had too many dishes!  Off to Tuesday Morning I went anyway and was saddened to find not a single item of His Majesty from the sales ad.  Had they already sold out?  I knew it!!  Everyone wanted a set & that is why they were already gone.  I peered under shelves and in unusual areas hoping someone had decided against  four dinner plates and laid them to the side.  Imagine my delight when I found a tattered box holding five dinner plates under the lowest shelf at the front of the store.  I drug the box out and promptly walked to the register, inquiring as to the cost.  The salesman looked at me quizzically and called for the manager...not a good sign. When the manager arrived she looked at the tattered box and asked where I found it.  Imagine my shock when she said that they had not received any of the shipment of His Majesty!  We talked for awhile and the mystery could not be solved.  You know what I was meant to be!!!  We decided on a price for the five dinner plates and I left a puzzled, but happy girl.  I have since acquired a few more pieces.  My husband ultimately liked the pattern and has been known to ask salespeople in china departments if they have "Turkey Dishes"!  He can never remember the name of the pattern. Since that time they have been lovingly known as the "Turkey Dishes".

Fast forward one year from the "Tuesday Morning Mystery".   Our family had arranged to spend Thanksgiving in a beautiful cabin in the Smokey Mountains.  We would be joined by my mom and dad as well as my sister and her family.  I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to serve Thanksgiving dinner on our His Majesty china.  His answer to me was something similar to, "I am not hauling a set of china 10 hours away for one meal".  Notice he said "I".  As we arrived at the cabin I graciously agreed to unpack the last part of the car by myself.  My husband is a sweet guy and came back out to help out no matter how many times I tried to shoo him away.  Imagine his surprise (we will call it that) when he pulled a heavy tub full of "Turkey Dishes" from the car!! 

In case you are not familiar with this delightful pattern, I set my grandmother's dining table with an intimate setting for four.  I love this table.  I have taken the additional leaves out and it sits in our reading room, usually holding a simple arrangement and whatever literature is currently being read.  Always the Bible! I know many people would get out the chalk paint and cover the character left by years of use, but I just can't.  Each mark brings a memory of the person who left it.  Here it is with His Majesty...
This year, we are spending Thanksgiving at home so my dishes will not be traveling.  The funny thing is that my sister and her husband just finished a vacation home on Little Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia.  We have tossed around the idea of spending Thanksgiving on the island this year.   I think my "Turkey Dishes" would have liked the island view!

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