Friday, August 15, 2014

Puppy Love

Hi everyone! My name is Luke Bailey and I am an apricot Maltipoo.  My mom is busy washing clothes, so I decided take over her blog!  Shh, don't tell her.  She thinks I am hiding under the couch!  This is me when they first brought me home.  It was at Christmas, so I have a Christmas name!  Luke is from the the Bible and story of Jesus' birth.  Bailey is from my mom's favorite movie, It's A Wonderful Life!  When humans see me they say, "Awe, how cute"!  My dad says I look like an Ewok!
It took a lot of  finagling before I could come live here.  My mom did a "Like if you think Luke should live with us" campaign on something called Facebook.  See, my dad does not like inside dogs and said "NO, NO, NO" each time my mom asked.  So Mom stopped asking and starting posting really cute pictures of me on Facebook.  She even asked Santa for me! Here is Mom asking Santa!
Mom showed Santa my first portrait and Santa said he liked my blanket!  He thought my dad should give me to my mom.  Yea, Santa!!
Mom had lots of "likes" on Facebook and her friends said that I needed to come live here at Still Woods Farmhouse.  So one day my dad surprised my mom when he said, "Let's go get your puppy"!  Mom was so excited and so was I.  Now I have two BIG brothers to play with when I go outside.  Their names are Lucky and Lucy.  Lucy likes to put my head in her mouth!  She has a BIG mouth!  She gets in trouble when she plays with me like that.

It wasn't long before it was time to get my first haircut.  I go to a special grooming salon that I love.  They even have "Pawdicures", but I think those are just for girls!  I sure was a shaggy puppy, but look at me after my day at the spa! I smelled good too.
This winter lots of white stuff fell from the sky!  It was snow!  My mom and I got out her sled and my dad pulled us through the woods.  He is nice like that! Here is me with my mom! Not many people in Mississippi have a sled.  Mom's sled is the one she had when she was a little girl living in Rockland, Maine.  Mom said they get lots of snow. 
Well this picture is a little embarrassing.  Sometimes our niece comes to visit and she likes to put bows in my hair!  Geez, doesn't she know guys don't wear bows?  This was my Halloween bow! I have eyes in there somewhere.
 I hope you come back and visit me again.  I like new people!  Maybe we can play fetch in the yard or go swimming in the creek.  Thanks for stopping by Still Woods Farmhouse!
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