Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Touch of Fall: Burlap Wreaths!

Down in the deep south, we consider any temperature below 90 degrees cool weather.  Our week began with temperatures in the "cool" 70's and 80's!  Fall seemed to be just around the corner...well, almost!  

We were recently out of school for several days due to Hurricane Isaac.  I made good use of the days and began decorating our home for the upcoming season. Fall is my favorite time of year.  My love for this season began when we moved to Rockland, Maine.  My dad is retired from the U.S. Coast Guard.  We have been blessed to have lived in many beautiful locations around the world.  When I was three, my dad received orders to Puerto Rico.  I remember that everything on the island was lush and green.  Several years later, we were transferred to Maine.  Talk about a change in climates!  I recall traveling in our car down canopied roads ablaze with color.  The leaves had turned to gorgeous colors of golds, burnt orange, delicious hues of red, russet, and bronze.  I was enthralled.  So when August turns to September, I am ready to bring out reminders of this beautiful season.

This year I decided to make new front door wreaths.  Everyone is using burlap these days and I jumped aboard the burlap train!  I chose colors of brown, tan, and orange to make burlap rosettes of varying sizes.  Burlap, hot glue and a little patience is all you need.  I topped each with a fluffy burlap bow. Hope you like them! What is your favorite time of year?
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