Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moonlight Sonata (In D Flat Major)

My curiosity got the best of me. I was snuggled in bed hoping to get a few extra winks in so that I could awake refreshed and ready for a busy four day work week.  Our youngest son had an extra day at home due to the MLK holiday and was safely back at Mississippi State University.  Clothes had been ironed and my dress and jewelry laid out for the morning.  I use my cell phone as an alarm and was setting the alarm when I happened to read all the Facebook comments about the beautiful ring around the moon.  Curiosity set in, so I wrapped a blanket around me and headed outside to see the celestial sight.  Mr. Still Woods was already out there and as I headed down the brick steps he commented that he had ever seen a ring so large.  I made the dreadful mistake of looking up and then the next thing I knew, I was going down.  It was not a pretty fall.  I knew right away that I had done something dreadful to my left hand.  As I held it, I noticed that is was now shaped like a fork, with the hand at an awkward position.  My left ankle was hurting me, but eerily, my hand felt...well eery.  I have always had an extremely high threshold for pain, which according to many physicians is not a blessing.  You don't really know how badly hurt you may be.  We decided to make our way to the local ER after I began to feel nauseated and started to shake body's way of saying, "You are hurt".  All I could think of was that the ER would be full of people with the dreaded flu.  I have worked tirelessly at avoiding people with the flu and now I would be sitting for hours amongst airborne flu particles. UGHH! A little dramatic, but given the circumstances,  I think I was allowed a few deranged thoughts.  It was a pleasant surprise to find no patients in the ER and I was seen immediately by a terrific staff.  I have even forgiven the x-ray technician for making me do things with my hand that I really didn't want to do.  After the routine questions and x-rays, it was confirmed that . . ."M'am, when you do something, you do it well".  I had at least four fractures to the radius and the ulna was pushed outwardly to an extreme. It was necessary to set it to avoid additional swelling before it would be surgically repaired.

What?  Surgery? I only wanted to look at the moon!  I have tons of kids to test this week and I need both hands to do my job! No one was listening.  I soon gave consent to be mildly sedated and was told I would have a "nice sleep".  I was given a disgusting narcotic known as Ketamine and was soon soaring through tunnels at rapid speeds and hearing muffled voices.  At one point I thought . . . is this is what it feels like to die? Do I need to tell them I don't think I can breathe? Along with a zillion other thoughts. This was not a "nice sleep". Soon my soaring slowed down and my husband's concerned face came into view . . .well, his two faces came into view.   I also had something heavy on my chest which was two left arms.  Here is one of them!
By the way, I also have some terrific x-rays I could share with you, but my sister, who has her Ph.D in nursing got nauseated looking at them, so I won't subject my blogging friends to more than the two pictures posted here! Gradually, my husband's two faces merged to one and I was immensely relieved to find out I only had one heavily bandaged left arm.  It all slowly came back to me . . . all for the moon! Two days later I was in surgery to repair the fractures with the use of a plate, screws, and pins.   I came home with a smaller soft cast and some big fingers!
It has been a week today since my surgery!  I get my stitches out next week and then will be in another cast for 4-6 more weeks.  My "Misfit Friends", Trisha and Diane (more about them later) were here a day later with delicious homemade vegetable soup chocked full of organic homemade chicken stock from Trisha's own chickens.  The stock is reportedly good for bone healing.  Whoo hooo!  Just what I need.  Bring me gallons!  Diane gifted me with her fabulous buttermilk pie.  Banana and apple muffins were also included.  I thank God for special friends like these two.  I am also thankful for my sweet family who have been here to help and deliver meals almost daily.

I am learning that a week with one arm is difficult and it makes me in awe of the many handicapped individuals who live life daily with challenges.  In case you are wondering how I came up with the name for this post, I must tell you that I am taking nothing stronger than extra strength Tylenol!  I adore playing Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in C sharp minor and I was looking at the moon so it fits. Of course, since I fell flat and did it in a major way, I took liberties and  changed the key.  I don't think Beethoven would have minded!
Blessings from Still Woods
Please excuse any typos.  Typing with one hand is quite a task!

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter White Milk Glass!

January is the month of the “Winter White Sale”.  I thought I would share with you my “Winter White”. I began collecting milk glass for one primary reason…it was inexpensive!  I have to be honest.  However, I soon fell in love with the simple beauty of milk glass.  Long ago, I read to collect what catches your eye and milk glass certainly catches my eye!  I used to scatter my collection around the house, but we purchased a three piece bookcase unit several years ago, separated the cases and I now have a happy home for my collection.  The third piece of the bookcase made its way up to the second floor landing to house a collection of books.  It makes a cozy spot for reading! The bookcase on the right also holds my youngest son's photograph he took and gave me one year for Christmas. It is a gorgeous picture and the white fits right in!  

I found this beautiful milk glass punch bowl in Philadelphia, MS at a small antique store.   I also use it to serve salads and it was recently borrowed and used at a vintage inspired wedding. 
I love cake plates and use these all the time.  Any dessert is transformed when served on a milk glass pedestal cake plate.  My collection of cake plates is up to five, but there is one elusive, stubborn cake plate that has been hard to find at a price I am willing to pay!    I still can dream....
 I think a pretty cake plate makes cakes, muffins,  or even cookies taste better. Don't these look yummy? These are my Mississippi Spice muffins.  Great anytime of the year!  Here is the link with the recipe:
Milk glass is also versatile.  Here a milk glass bowl holds gravy packets in the pantry.  
 Or how about pens and pencils at the desk?  
This punch bowl came from a large antique store in TN.  Funny how the memory of a purchase brings back other memories.  We were in town for the wedding of my cousin’s beautiful daughter, Erica.  Oh, how I wish I had discovered this fabulous antique store earlier, but all I had time for was a quick walk through and a few purchases. 
 And what self respecting farmhouse wouldn't have a few chickens?  
I received a pair of these lamps from a friend and fellow co-worker one year at our Christmas swap.  Wasn't I a lucky girl? That's my handsome Eagle Scout next to the lamp! Yep, I am a lucky girl!
White is the color most often associated with perfection, goodness, honesty, innocence, and a beginning.  
I am also reminded of the beautiful hymn, Whiter Than Snow, first published in 1872.  "Lord Jesus, I long to be perfectly whole; I want Thee forever to live in my soul. Break down every idol, cast out every foe. Now wash me and I shall be whiter than snow".   Whether your winter white is beautiful snow falling from the heavens, new cozy linens, sweet smelling paper whites in bloom, or like me...vintage milk glass, treasure the beauty in white. 
Blessings from Still Woods Farmhouse