Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hosting a Fun Academy Awards Party!

I love movies, especially the old ones.  Give me a movie on TCM and I am a happy girl.  Each year our family hosts a fun, family oriented Academy Awards Party.  Nothing fancy, but lots of fun.  The Academy Awards are around the corner and you may want to begin this tradition in your home. By the way, I know it is  now called The Oscars, but I will always call it The Academy Awards!  How about you?

The rules of the party are simple:
1.  Make a dish and pair it as closely as possible to a nominee.  Corny ideas are okay!
2.  All dishes are labeled with the name of the dish and what nominee it represents.
3.  Have fun and enjoy!

Let's take a look at last years party!  Appetizers are always a good way to start.  Excuse the photos, the afternoon sun was coming through the window!  This is an amazing shrimp dish and it makes everyone happy!
My sister came up with both appetizers.  If you had real people attending your party (not just family), remove the dip from its plastic container and place it in a pretty bowl!
My guys are crazy about this layered salad, so I incorporated it into a nomination category!
This dish was still in the oven when I snapped the picture, but my oh my, was it delicious.  Country Captain is a curried chicken and rice dish with almonds and currants.  It is a "low country" dish and was brought to the US from India, showing up in Charleston and Savannah.  Yummy!
We love fried chicken and my mother came up with this nomination!
I didn't get a picture of the dish, but it was yummy!
Don't forget the drinks!
Dessert last year, compliments of the fabulously famous movie...Frozen!  Do you want to build a snowman?!!
Mardi Gras season was in full swing last year at the time of  The Academy Awards so we had a last minute nomination! I think it was a short film? I just looked it up and it was nominated for Best Documentary Film.  Have a few cards ready so that if you have a last minute addition to the line-up, you can quickly write the label.
There were a few other items that rounded out our party, but you get the idea.  There is still plenty of time to plan a party for tomorrow evening.  Impromptu parties are the best!  Just pull up the nomination list and use your imagination!  I'll give you a jump start.  We are having "The Revenant" Roast and rounding out the meal with "The Big Short" Cake.  Bet you have a good idea what that is!
Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse
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  1. What a fun idea! So much yummy creativity! Enjoy your roast!

    1. Thanks Ellen! I am looking forward to this years party. Everyone should be here in about two hours! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week:)
      Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse