Friday, October 21, 2016

It's Fall at the Farmhouse!

I love fall and everything that comes with this season.  Decorating for the fall is an anticipated pleasure.  The warm colors of autumn make my heart sing.  Please join me on a tour of a few spots in our harvest home!

The front entryway is decorated with pumpkins topiaries, corn stalks, mums, grapevine wreaths with burlap roses, and two jaunty scarecrows. I placed the corn stalks close to the front door.  They have dried corn still attached to the stalks.  I was afraid the deer, which live near our home, might have been tempted to nibble on the corn if I placed them further away from the front door!  Come on in!
Let's stop in the Reading Room.  My grandmother's buffet had served as a coffee bar, but with a little rearranging, it now serves a different purpose.
I don't do scary Halloween decorating, but love this little Halloween village which I have had for years. When my boys were little, they were so excited when it was time to turn on the village lights.  Do you know how difficult it is to take a  photo without being seen in a large mirror?  That's why I am doing the side shots!
The mantel is one of my favorite spots, especially at night.  I have Luminara candles and fairy lights to brighten the space.  Luminara candles are a little pricey, but I love the "real" flickering look they give without the worry of a fire hazard. Today was our first cold morning, so it was the perfect time to turn on the lights and enjoy the glow in the pre-dawn hours!
Plush Pumpkins and a large-eyed owl grace the coffee table! I promise that is not dust on the tray, but it sure looks like it, doesn't it?!
Don't you enjoy cooking in a seasonally decorated kitchen? With music playing and a cup of coffee or a glass of tea at my side, this kitchen gets me in the mood for any cooking or baking! My kitchen scale holds vintage spices appropriate for the season. I picked up the pumpkin plate at a local store for about $3.00!
We have a computer and library area directly off the kitchen  You can see it in the wreath photo above.  It is decorated with a variety of autumn inspired decor.  I love the old fashioned metal candle holder with its flickering light.  The three tier tray holds a variety of gourds and a Fall Gatherings sign.
A library card catalog is positioned in the master bedroom.  The piece of art above the card catalog is from a local artist.  I purchased it as soon as I saw it was a mother with her son.  The little boy has very dark hair like my youngest.  All I ever see is artwork with mothers and daughters as the subjects, so I nabbed this when I saw it was a mother and son. The photo in the right of the frame is of my boys in the Rose Garden of the White House.  It's a special photo and one day I will have to tell you about our visit and a very special private tour. My youngest was tired that day and wasn't in a good mood.  He didn't give a hoot that he was standing in the hall looking into the Oval Office or sitting in the Cabinet Room.  All he wanted to do was go back to the hotel!  We laugh about that now!

I'll be sharing my dining room and more of our autumn decor later.  For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend! I think our weather is going to be fabulous and I can't wait to make my first caramel apple cider of the season!  See you next week:)

Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse
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  1. Your lovely touches of the fall season are just beautiful! Like you, I don't do scary Halloween either but absolutely love fall and everything that goes with it! Halloween used to be a fun time and there didn't seem to be anything evil associated with it when I was a kid...oh how times have changed all that! Thank you for sharing a part your beautiful farmhouse with us! Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Thank you Debby! You always have the sweetest comments and they are encouraging words to this cautious blogger:) My mom never allowed us to wear scary costumes and we did the same with our boys. My guys went through a "knights of the round table" stage. I made silver lame tunics with a large cross on the front. I also made large capes with a large cross on the back as well. Either my mom or I sewed every one of their costumes from a happy clown to a cute little tiger! Those are terrific memories. I am so thankful my guys never wanted to dress like a zombie or something else with blood dripping everywhere! It is finally cool here in south Mississippi and I am ready to open the windows and let the cool breezes run through the house! I might watch Charlie Brown's The Great Pumpkin movie! Have a wonderful weekend friend!
      Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse

  2. Your fall decor is so very pretty. I too do not decorate for Halloween. The fall theme easily transitions into November and Thanksgiving and that is great. Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Lynda, your home is so inviting. I really enjoyed the tour! I placed my cornstalks close to my door because they still had corn on them for sure. I have ad a deer come right up and take a bite out of a pumpkin before. That card catalog is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  4. Love it all. When you said, My grandmother's buffet, that just melted my heart. WOW! What a keepsake treasure. Love all the sweet touches. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. Hi Lynda! What a warm and inviting home! I love your buffet with the large mirror.

    Thanks for sharing and linking up at DI & DI :) Love your creativity!

  6. Everything looks wonderful and I LOVE your entry!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!