Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's A Vintage New Year!

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!
First, let me apologize for my epic fail at the 12 Days of Christmas Cookies!
Did I have 12 cookie recipes? Yes!
Did I take photos of 12 variety of cookies?  Yes!
Did I post 12 different cookie recipes? No!
Do  feel like a cotton-headed ninny-muggins? YES!!
Oh well...I will try to do better next year!
I'll put my epic fail behind me and share some beautiful vintage New Years cards with you! She's a cute, plump snow girl!
I love the holly I found in most of the vintage cards.  So delightful!
Hearty good wishes going out to all of you!
Papa Albert signed this card.  I don't know who he is, but I wonder why he didn't sign the inside?
Another pretty girl who is about to throw a snowball wishing you a Happy New Year!
This one is a little blurry.
Guess these gentleman couldn't get a date!
No matter the language, everyone loves to dance in the New Year!.
This is a perfect example of why I love vintage cards...the art work is vivid and colorful.
This is where we may be front of the fire instead of at my sister's for our family party.  We have 100% rain predicted with thunderstorms.
This look like a joyful group!
So from my house to yours, I wish you a Happy Vintage New Year!
Blessings from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse


  1. Love all of these sweet vintage images!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  2. Happy New Year! Hugs and blessings, Cindy