Thursday, July 19, 2018

A Fresh, New Start

Almost a year ago, I wrote a quick post saying that I was "Back in the Saddle Again"! After a few less than inspiring blog posts, I just quit.  So if you don't believe me when I say that I am starting again... I will understand! To be very candid, a few things turned me off of blogging.

So here they are...
#1- I was invited to attend a few swingers parties. This does not mean sitting on a front porch swing with a glass of sweet iced tea conversing with a good friend. It does not mean swinging away the hours reading a great book or working on your Bible Study (my favorite place to work on my studies). To say I was shocked by the invitation is putting it mildly.
#2- As I read other blogs, I began to compare my little blog to the other blogs. I wondered who would want to spend their time reading about Still Woods Farmhouse when there were so many wonderful blogs out there?
#3- My time was consumed with a new business endeavor and I found my time management skills went out the window.  
#4- I found out that the invitation in #1 was from a neighboring city.  The closeness of this invitation really... REALLY bothered me and that was the end of my blogging. 

But you know what? I have decided to set new parameters on who can see and comment on my blog to avoid creepers... I will not allow comparisons to destroy my joy of blogging... and I will strive to manage my time so that I have a designated blogging time.

I love the blogging community! I have belly laughed over blog posts, cried when a fellow blogger lost her battle with cancer, rejoiced at the birth of long awaited children or grandchildren, had the privilege of praying for fellow bloggers, and been inspired by a new recipe or a home project.  Why should I allow the reasons listed above to stop me from enjoying blogging?  I know that answer... I shouldn't.

As I'm writing this post, the rain is falling as is has been off and on for days.  I am reminded that the rain washes away the dirt and grime.  It gives new life to that which is dried up and parched.  Rain is a special gift of time to readers and to writers. It refreshes the soul.  So it is a fresh, new blogging start from here on.  I think I will grab a glass of sweet iced tea, my summer Bible study and go swing for awhile.  

"Let my teaching fall on you like rain" Deuteronomy 32:2

Blessings my friends from Lynda at Still Woods Farmhouse


  1. Glad you decided to post. I think your blog is wonderful. It is simply terrible what we do to ourselves as ladies with comparison. Look forward to hearing about your business endeavor. Hope we can keep the creepies out.

  2. Lynda, mercy I can understand why that made you so uncomfortable! I've never gotten any creepy messages like that and hope I never do! Just post as you wish and delete weird messages. That's my philosophy. :)

  3. Comparing our blogs to others takes the joy out of blogging. We are all unique creations of God and He has blessed us each in different ways. Some have more money at their disposal, some live very frugally, some are DIY'ers, some are gardeners, some are artists, some are home bodies, some are business people, etc., there is something for everyone.

    I'm sorry you had the bad experience of #1.

    Welcome back to blogging.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. I have to say that although I never received an "invitation" such as yours, I have gotten a few unwanted comments and messages from time to time. I totally agree about trying not to compare yourself to others. When I first started blogging five years ago, I followed a few blogs with very large followings and I got involved in the link parties, etc....a good way to put yourself out there when you are new. Little by little those people who welcomed me started falling away because my measley little blog didn't seem to interest them any more. But that's OK...I have found a few kindred spirits along the way and relationships that I never knew existed. Please try not to compare yourself to others...and welcome back!

  5. I saw the name of your blog on someones blogroll and decided to come by and visit because I own and live in a farmhouse and always like to see other farm homes. Already, I appreciate your honesty and just as God has given each of us a unique fingerprint, so too we each have different blogs. That is a very good thing. God bless you.