Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Morning Walk

I woke to a beautiful morning.  The skies were clear and the temperature was slightly cooler than usual.  Breakfast on the porch sounded like a great way to start the day.  My dad made a terrific coffee cake, which he graciously shared with us.  Along with my favorite coffee, my breakfast is complete.  Thanks Dad!

It is such a nice day, I think I will go for a walk.  Why don't you join me as we walk the trails?  Put on your comfy walking shoes.  Uhh, hmmm??  What is this? 
I would like to say that I had a little spill while skiing at Chamonix in France (reported to have the best vertical lift), but instead must admit that I did it while on a day trip to Oak Alley in LA.  I didn't see a minuscule piece of concrete, tripped on it and fell. That little tumble resulted in nerve and ligament damage, but no breaks!  Woo, hoo!  We call  it my Lego boot.  I must share with you how that name came to be.  I am a psychometrist and counselor for a local school district.  As I was chatting with a student recently, he informed me that I had on  a Lego boot!  So from that time on, my right shoe has been referred to as my "Lego" boot.

If you ever get a chance to travel down River Road in southern Louisiana, you must stop by Oak Alley.  The oaks are a quarter of a mile in length and reported to be 300  years old.  Do you think the planter of the oaks ever envisioned this?  Just beautiful!

My dogs Lucky and Lucy will join us.  Sorry for the backside picture, but they were eager to see if any small animals were about.  I just hope they are scouting for snakes! Speaking of snakes, what is that on the left of the picture?

 Which trail shall we take? Looks like Lucy wants to head to the left and Lucky wants to head to the right.

Lucky took off on his own.  He is independent like that.  My sweet Lucy stopped and waited for me.  We think she is a distant relative of Gene Simmons from the band KISS!

We have tons of huckleberries now.  A huckleberry is a relative of the blueberry.  Not quite as sweet, but definitely edible. 
I think this would be a great place for a hen house!  I hope Santa is reading this.  I also want a few Road Island Reds.  I am going to name them Henny, Penny, and Chicken Little!

In case Santa is reading, here is one of my favorite hen houses!  I really like it!  Henny, Penny, and Chicken Little would think they were Rulers of the Roost in this home.
(Country Living Magazine)

Hooray, we finally made it to our destination!  Even though it has rained off and on for the past week, we had a dry June, so the creek is down.  I wish you could feel the water.  It is so cold!  The dogs come here for a daily romp in the water. The creek twists and turns as it meanders along.
Katrina toppled a few trees into the creek.  In case you are not  a resident of the south, you must know that Hurricane Katrina is simply known as Katrina.  We became intimate with her, spending long, hot hours cleaning up the mess she left behind.  She was not friendly, but in this case, she gave the creek character. The fallen tree makes a great hiding place for all sorts of critters. Let's turn around and head back a different way.
Wait, look who I see...Mr. Independent (alias Lucky)! He must have wanted a little cooling off.

As I head back out of the woods, I find myself humming my mom's favorite hymn.  It is an old gospel favorite, I  Come to the Garden Alone.  I love the chorus of this hymn..."And He walks with me, And He talks with me, And He tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known".  What lovely and comforting words. 

My humming has stopped Lucy dead in her tracks! So much for my singing ability!  Sorry for the dark picture, but some areas of the woods are dark this early in the morning.
Here is a little spot I like to visit.  Ahead of you is a tall Magnolia tree.  It is beautiful during blooming season. We have them scattered throughout the property. 
Moss has such a velvety look.  Here it grows on the base of a large oak deep in the woods.
This is one of my favorite trees.  It can't be seen from the house, but I do pass it daily as I drive around the bend to our home.  It looks like I need to make another "Still Woods" sign.   When I was a little girl, I judged all trees by their "climb-ability" and would tell my mom, "this looks like a really good tree to climb".  Maybe that's why I like this looks like a really good tree to climb!  The outer limbs stretch to the gravel road.
I made this signs years ago and it is showing it's age.  On my "to do" list is to make another one and enlarge the scripture verse. I routed the edges of the wood prior to painting and stenciling.  I wonder if I can write out the entire verse?  What do you think?

Well, it's is time to head inside and get ready for the day.  I hope you enjoyed our little walk.  Come back soon now!

Many blessings from Still Woods and watch out for poison ivy (lower right hand corner above)!


  1. I love it!!! I definitely know which picture was just for me :-))) I was, however, expecting a bunny!! LOL

    I'm just so excited that you started blogging! Your writing is beautiful - I am so proud that you are my honorary big sis :-)

  2. Thanks Ms. Buttercup! Yes, I thought of you when I saw the picture! Next time I will find a few bunnies for Seth!