Thursday, July 26, 2012

An Olympic Event!

I love the Olympics!  The opening ceremonies are tomorrow night.  Why not have your own Olympic event?  We have been having Olympic events at different get togethers for years.  It is easy and fun.  Here are a few ideas to make your Olympic event a night to remember.

Begin your event with the official Olympic music.  You can download it from the internet.  Give the adults tiki torches to carry and the youngsters pretend torches made with leftover paper towel rolls.  Line up the torch bearers and start the music!

Gather the troops around and give directions so that everything runs smoothly...not saying that it will, but give it a try!

Plan several backyard games that everyone can enjoy.  Many of these pictures were taken at what we jokingly call the "Deacon Decathlon", an event which has been hosted at our home for church deacons, church staff, and their families. Archery is always a favorite!

What about a shortened version of crouquet?

Horseshoe toss is another favorite!  Or maybe a ring toss which is easy for all ages.

Another game for all ages is "clothes pin in a bucket". We wanted to make it harder and used a Mason jar. Make sure to keep score (notice the score sheet?).

Frisbee toss is another great idea. 

Award ribbons! I purchased these from a party supply store, but have also found them at the "everything is a dollar" store as well.  One word of warning!  The less expensive ones do not have velcro openings and end up being headbands or in this case, eye patches, as opposed to necklaces!  Makes for a great picture!

As always, have lots of goodies to munch on.  Maybe All-American hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill or a homemade ice cream bar with loads of toppings. Yum!

However you do it, have lots of fun and make lasting memories!  Gymnastics competition will begin this Monday.  Time to practice my back handspring!  Well, maybe just a forward roll!

Blessings from Still Woods!


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    1. Really?! I hope not! The main thing is to have fun!!

  2. What a great time family and friends have at these annual events. There are activities for young and old or, should I just say older, alike. Even we Grandmas are pretty good at badminton, a game we played years ago!

  3. I love having these events! I am ready to plan our own Fall Festival for Friends and Family! Thanks for the comment!

  4. That All-American plate of food has me craving a burger!

    Love your blog!

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for leaving a comment. Yes, nothing beats a plate of All-American food!