Friday, November 16, 2018

Wow Your Guests with A Welcoming Thanksgiving Entryway

Hi friends! Is your home already decorated for Christmas or are you a die hard after Thanksgiving decorator? I admit that my home is almost Christmas ready.  My boys will be in Sunday evening and they once mentioned that they would rather enjoy our Christmas décor as opposed to fall leaves and pumpkins.  Well you know that's all it took, so I have been a little elf and have been in a decorating frenzy.  I'll share my Christmas décor with you later.  For now, we have one of my favorite holidays right around the corner...Thanksgiving!

I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so my dining room is everything Thanksgiving.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I imagine that you want your entryway to look festive and welcoming.  I love the colors of harvest time.  There is such warmth and beauty in the hues of fall.  There is still time to jazz up your front door before your guests arrive!

There is an old English proverb based on Matthew 6:22 which states the "eyes are the window to the soul".  I think it can also be said that the front door of a home is the window to the soul of the home.  The front door and surrounding outer entryway is the first impression for our guests.  Fall entryway decor can be a fabulous way to make that first impression a lasting one.  With the abundance of mums, pumpkins, gourds, and other fall flowers available this time of year, you too can welcome your Thanksgiving guests with a festive atmosphere.   I thought I would put together a few fantastic examples for you to peruse, maybe with a cup of hot cider by your side. 

We will start with my home.  The front entryway is normally decorated with pumpkins topiaries, corn stalks, mums, grapevine wreaths with burlap roses, and jaunty scarecrows. I place corn stalks close to the front door.  Since I decided to decorate early for Christmas, this front door entry décor has been moved to our side door.  Most of our guests always arrive at that door anyway.  Lets look at some other festive entryways!
This lovely entryway is compliments of the Inn at Harbor Hill Marina.  I love the corn stalks attached to the posts.  The scarecrows can be stored away until next October and this entry would be a delightful way to welcome guests for Thanksgiving dinner.
Notice the carved street number in one of the pumpkins pictured below fromCornerstone Homes.  Pumpkins and gourds can be used throughout fall; however, many stores begin to sell their pumpkins for a reduced rate after Halloween.  A teacher friend of mine purchased three buggies full of pumpkins from a local super store for all of 23 cents!  Not 23 cents each, three buggies full for 23 cents!  If you want to jazz up your entryway for Thanksgiving, check out the sales.
Here is another example with mums, pumpkins, and stalks.The golden light glowing from the door and windows gives this home a warm and inviting look.Another beautiful entryway!  This one is from Dysfunctional Design blog.  Okay, I would have to sweep up the leaves, but they look great here!
This entryway from Something to Some People is understated, yet lovely.  I think the pea gravel walkway lends a rustic look along with the stone dwelling.  I bet the owner of this home has afternoon tea.
Southern Living is known for beautiful photography and classic designs.  The addition of the lanterns adds a special touch to this welcoming front porch.
I hope I have inspired you with some last minute decorating ideas.  Head outside and make your front door and entryway a place where the eye lingers, the heart stills, and a smile crosses the face of your Thanksgiving guests. 
Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving from Still Woods Farmhouse


  1. I enjoyed your front doors. I put up Christmas as soon as the turkey is put away. In fact, yesterday I took down all my fall decor to let my house breathe this week before I go into full force Christmas. I am chomping at the bit!

  2. Such lovely decorated porches. I don't always decorate for the holidays. Have to be in the mood for it. No rules over my way. Definitely not a traditionalist It is always fun to watch house transformations in blog land as homes get filled up with the current trends. If I decorate this year it will much closer to Christmas. Hope your holiday is blessed.