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Life at Still Woods

We built our farmhouse, lovingly called "Still Woods", the year prior to Hurricane Katrina.  It is located off the coast of Mississippi, on approximately nine acres.  We planned this home for several years, often driving out to our property envisioning what was to come. Our home is situated on a dead end road and yes, I am afraid that according to a famous comedian, we "must be a redneck"!  Alas, the directions to the house do include, "and when you get off the paved road, follow the gravel driveway..."!  Don't you just love the crunchy sound of tires on a gravel road?! While we were building our home, I felt the need to give it a name.  Maybe it's a Southern thing! I tried blending family names, to no avail.  I even tried to get family members to come up with something wonderful, maybe even  magical. It is a special place and I felt it needed a special name.  Once you get here, the hectic pace of the world melts away.  As you watch the wind b