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Moonlight Sonata (In D Flat Major)

My curiosity got the best of me. I was snuggled in bed hoping to get a few extra winks in so that I could awake refreshed and ready for a busy four day work week.  Our youngest son had an extra day at home due to the MLK holiday and was safely back at Mississippi State University.  Clothes had been ironed and my dress and jewelry laid out for the morning.  I use my cell phone as an alarm and was setting the alarm when I happened to read all the Facebook comments about the beautiful ring around the moon.  Curiosity set in, so I wrapped a blanket around me and headed outside to see the celestial sight.  Mr. Still Woods was already out there and as I headed down the brick steps he commented that he had ever seen a ring so large.  I made the dreadful mistake of looking up and then the next thing I knew, I was going down.  It was not a pretty fall.  I knew right away that I had done something dreadful to my left hand.  As I held it, I noticed that is was now shaped like a fork, wit

Winter White Milk Glass!

January is the month of the “Winter White Sale”.   I thought I would share with you my “Winter White”. I began collecting milk glass for one primary reason…it was inexpensive!   I have to be honest.   However, I soon fell in love with the simple beauty of milk glass.   Long ago, I read to collect what catches your eye and milk glass certainly catches my eye!  I used to scatter my collection around the house, but we purchased a three piece bookcase unit several years ago, separated the cases and I now have a happy home for my collection.  The third piece of the bookcase made its way up to the second floor landing to house a collection of books.  It makes a cozy spot for reading! The bookcase on the right also holds my youngest son's photograph he took and gave me one year for Christmas. It is a gorgeous picture and the white fits right in!   I found this beautiful milk glass punch bowl in Philadelphia, MS at a small antique store.    I also use it to serve salads an