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Renovating 101

Let me begin by saying that sheetrock dust is evil. It lands in the strangest of places and lurks in tiniest of corners. If it was a germ, it would take over the world in no time. No vaccination could stop it.  Sheetrock dust is resistant to the powerful suction of the best vacuum and the continuous back and forth action of vigorous mopping. Sweep it up you say?  Forget about it! It just dances around in the air while finding a new place to adhere to. I bet under a microscope, it has suction cup tentacles. I say all this while eating a cup of Blue Bell Cookie Two Step ice cream.  I am rewarding myself for  laying down sheets of brown butcher paper on the floors and covering more furniture with painters cloth.  All in anticipation of the disaster that will commence again tomorrow morning. By the way, the ice cream is delicious. So what's up at the farmhouse? I wish I could tell you that Mr. Still Woods has decided that I need a larger closet and we are beginning a renovation job

Encouraging Scripture for Back to School

Many of the students along the Mississippi Gulf Coast began school this week and the remainder will start next week. There will be plenty of excitement mingled with the fear of the unknown.  As a psychometrist and counselor in various school settings, I saw it all the time.  The age of the student is irrelevant.  Whether it is an elementary student or student bound for college, there is often some amount of apprehension. An extremely polite kindergartner once told me, "Thank you for inviting me, but I don't think I will be back"! Loved his forthrightness!  I sought out the little fellow the next school day, knowing that his hopes of staying home would be crushed and he might need a little encouragement.  On the other end of the spectrum, don't forget our college bound students who need a good dose of encouragement before setting off into the big world of college.  I remember being scared to death when I first set foot on the campus of my alma mater, Mississippi

A Sad Goodbye

It's funny how a furry creature, weighing just a tad more than 8 pounds, can steal your heart and hold it captive.  Our little Luke Bailey did just that... If you follow my blog, you may remember seeing the post,  Puppy Love .  It was all about the new fellow in my life. To make a long story short, my husband was content with our two labs, but I fell instantly in love with this little boy. He was one of two puppies from my sister's maltipoo's litter.  I would visit whenever I could just to hold him. After hearing my husband's objections, I stopped talking about it and quietly began a Facebook campaign.  You know....if I get so many likes, this little cutie gets to live with me? It worked! Luke always thought he was as big as our labs.  Whenever it would thunder, Luke would bark furiously until I had our labs safe and sound in our garage.  He would round them up and usher them to the door connecting to our garage.  He looked quite smitten with himself after fini