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The Flavors of Fall: Caramel Apple Cider

Are you looking for a delicious cider to warm up your family on a brisk, fall evening? Or maybe Trick or Treating is still on in your area of the world and you wanted something to sip while walking with the kids around the neighborhood? Well, look no further!  I found this recipe on a Taste of Home site and made a few minor adjustments from the original recipe. It’s been so long since I first served it that I can't remember what I adjusted. 😉 I've served this a variety of ways, but my favorite was having it as part of cider and coffee bar.  It was a huge hit! The best thing about this recipe is that you can mix it up and let it warm in the crock pot while you take care of other items. I can envision this decadent cider simmering on the counter as you and your family take a brisk walk after a big Thanksgiving meal or after coming home from selecting  that perfect Christmas tree. Just imagine walking into the house and smelling the luscious scents of apple, cinnamon, caramel waf