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Give Me Life, Liberty and Homemade Ice Cream!

Are you looking for a fabulous ice cream recipe for a 4th of July celebration? Luckily, your search is over! I shared this ice cream recipe several years ago and it is a perfect time to share again. This is a traditional cooked custard recipe my dad has made for years.  It makes the most creamy, deliciousness that you will ever put in your mouth.  You can really taste the difference between a cooked ice cream and a non-cooked ice cream.  It doesn't take long to prepare this recipe and it is worth the little bit of effort you will put into it. In fact, I have all the ingredients sitting on the counter ready to make the custard.  I have to tell you that we often fight over who gets to lick the spoon and clean out the bowl! Let's look at the Starting Line-Up.  Just a few basic ingredients.   Please note that the ice cream salt in the picture is only for my ice cream freezer and not for the recipe!! If you are like me, I like the recipe all at once and then the pictorial s