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Honoring Our Heroes: Part 2

(Patriots Point) What do you think of when you think of Memorial Day?  Picnics, maybe a trip to the beach, extra time for cleaning your home, a much needed break from work?  For me, Memorial Day means more than a three day weekend.  It is a day for honoring the heroes who courageously fought to keep our lands free.  I think of all of my relatives who are included in that list.  My dad is one of the heroic.  He joined the Coast Guard after high school and served with honor and dignity until his retirement.  His military career afforded our family the opportunity to live in places like Puerto Rico, Maine, Hawaii, California, and finally the place we call home, Mississippi.  All beautiful places, with new adventures.  However, what stands out most in my memory are the  long months in Hawaii without my dad as he served in Vietnam.  I remember  proudly watching as my dad and the other men, all in dress uniform,  lined the deck of the ship as it departed the dock in Oahu.  Before the