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Wow Your Guests with A Welcoming Thanksgiving Entryway

Hi friends! Is your home already decorated for Christmas or are you a die hard after Thanksgiving decorator? I admit that my home is almost Christmas ready.  My boys will be in Sunday evening and they once mentioned that they would rather enjoy our Christmas décor as opposed to fall leaves and pumpkins.  Well you know that's all it took, so I have been a little elf and have been in a decorating frenzy.  I'll share my Christmas décor with you later.  For now, we have one of my favorite holidays right around the corner...Thanksgiving! I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so my dining room is everything Thanksgiving.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, I imagine that you want your entryway to look festive and welcoming.  I love the colors of harvest time.  There is such warmth and beauty in the hues of fall.  There is still time to jazz up your front door before your guests arrive! There is an old English proverb based on Matthew 6:22 which states the "eyes are the

A Day With Mr Darcy...The New Man In My Life!

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful October. I wrote this post months ago and am finally getting around to posting it.  After I decided to start blogging again, my mother was rushed to surgery with a ruptured colon and was the hospital and rehab for over two months. Life suddenly revolved around ICU visiting hours and meeting with doctors.  I am happy to report that she is home and doing well. The Lord blessed us beyond measure with her incredible recovery. I'll write more about her journey later.  So for now, let me tell you about my little ray of sunshine! Last summer a new man came into my life, much to the distress of my husband! Whereas my husband has beautiful blue eyes, my new guy has big, brown eyes. The type that seem to look into your soul. In fact, that is what drew me to him...that look he gave me the first time we met. It was love as first sight. My new fellow is soft and likes to cuddle.  My husband is rock hard and when he doesn't shave for a day, his stub