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Red Velvet Brownies and a 50th Birthday!

Yesterday my little sister turned 50!  Shocking, but true.  Like many siblings, we would fight over insignificant matters.  Who gets the odd Ravioli from a can we were splitting?  This was decided diplomatically. . . if you were the dividing the Ravioli, you got the odd one.  Why does my chore list seem harder than hers?  Why does she always cross the imaginary line down the back seat of the car as we traveled?  Why did she get to shave her legs years before I did?  Please keep in mind that this was a total insult to me.  I had dark hair and she had blonde!  Those of you with dark hair know why I was insulted by the fact that she had permission  to shave her "no color" hair while I had to have dark, hairy legs!  I could go on and on, but instead, will tell you that we are best of friends, even though we still argue on family trips! Each year, we celebrate her birthday by having a "A Christmas Story" birthday party.  We have a blast eating Chinese takeout and dr

Let's Do A Little Vintage Christmas Shopping!

Last year, I wrote a blog post about vintage Christmas ads... Vintage Christmas Shopping   I love the color and detail in vintage ads.  I saved a few from last year to share with you this year.  Let's have a Girls' Night Out and do a little vintage shopping! This has to be one of my favorites.  Any soldier coming home for Christmas is a special gift.  The ad from Greyhound Bus Lines captures the excitement of the moment.  Vintage Coke ads always feature a jolly St. Nick with rosy cheeks. This ad caught my eye.  My husband is an avid train collector. Plymouth's 1950's ad looks just like a Norman Rockwell painting!  He must have been a Plymouth fan!  We had a Plymouth when I was in junior high.  It was the size of a boat!  Mom, this ad is for you!  For years, I gave my mother Evening in Paris.  I loved the beautiful color of the bottles.  My mother would wear it proudly.  I found out many years later that she hated the scent!  If you have the time, head over t

It's Time to Support the Ronald McDonald House Charities!

It's the time of year again when Dillards, Southern Living, and the McDonalds team up to create a lovely cookbook to support Ronald McDonald Houses.   I have often stated that McDonald's does three things really fries...and most importantly, their development and support of Ronald McDonald Houses around the world.  Ronald McDonald House charities offer families a home away from home while the family is dealing with a sick child.  RMH believes that families should not worry about where they will lay their heads at night or where their next meal will come from while taking care of a sick child, often far from home.  They have helped families with ill children for the past 38 years.  What a blessing for families dealing with a child's medical crisis. Our youngest child was born two months premature and was in a hospital about an hours drive from our home.  We were offered the assistance of the Ronald McDonald House for the duration of his stay